• Beautiful Concepts, a poetic walk through mathematics. A video production for the general public about five mathematical concepts with the conduction of Cristián Warnken that can be freely found on YouTube. Link to Video
  • 50 years Building Mathematical Engineering in Chile, book published in 750 copies, 168 pages in Santiago de Chile, 2015, which tells the genesis of Mathematical Engineering in Chile. Link to pdf book
  • Numerical Analysis book oriented as a tool for math teachers, Editorial J.C. Sáez, 2000 copies, 168 pages, 2011 that develops applications such as the approximation of the pi number and the resolution of linear systems to solve problems of magic matrices and medical tomography. Librería Antártica, Digitalia Hispánica (associated software)
  • Time Line of 50 years of the Department of Mathematical Engineering. Timeline